We are excited to announce that Blue Air Training has made Pensacola our newest home and 4th U.S. major hub.

Blue Air’s new Operations and Maintenance Facility in Pensacola currently employs 26 people, however, CEO James “Chef” Barlow said he expects that to change in November with a significant increase in staff and the operation’s economic footprint on the area.⁣

“As far as Pensacola goes, this is a fantastic strategic hub for us, not only locally for additional job opportunities but also for better supporting and serving the nation’s war fighters (JTAC CCAS) throughout the southeast,” Barlow said. “The 102-member Team at Blue Air Training has executed over 17,000 training airstrikes for USAF JTAC’s which has saved the US tax payer over $287M and allowed our young men and women to go overseas, fight for our freedom and come home safely.”⁣