Live and Dry Weapons

Blue Air Training conducts live and dry CAS. We employ live BDU-33s, 7.62mm strafe and live 2.75* rockets from all aircraft. If a live range is not available, we can simulate weapons delivery with smoke generators.

Multiple Asset Simulation

Blue Air simulates multiple air and ground assets on the radio. By using different voice personalities at different times, our expert CAS Instructor pilots can simulate other fighters, bombers and ISR aircraft, giving JTAC trainees a high pressure, realistic battle scenario.  

Multiple Missions, Day and Night

Blue Air training conducts multiple air-ground related missions whether they are close Air Support, Forward Air Controlling, Reconnaissance, or Artillery Calls for Fire, or ISR.

Planning Assistance

Blue Air Training is with you in every step of the way. We assist you in daily mission planning, part-task training, or major exercises from planning through debrief

Fam Flights

Blue Air Training gives you pilots perspective – literally Every JTAC, JFO, commander, and DV will be invited for a familiarization in one of our aircraft. Sometimes an airborne picture s worth a thousand words on the radio, Blue Air Training paints you that picture. 

Platform Instruction

Blue Air Training pilots have flown, and employed alongside, multiple aircraft. Our pilots have delivered nearly every weapon under nearly every condition. Blue Air Training gives you the instruction you need.