What started as a simple ploy to take his wife on a joy ride in a fighter jet, turned into a position as Chief Pilot for Blue Air Training, and Tool hasn’t looked back since. As Blue Air’s Chief Pilot and “employee number two,” Scott “Tool” Hanes has overseen all aspects of operations. From business development and marketing to tactics and flight instruction, his breadth of experience makes him uniquely qualified as the executive with responsibility for the full range of Blue Air’s flight operations.

As one of only two pilots certified in the Company’s entire fleet of aircraft, he also spends plenty of time in the cockpit teaching new pilots, ensuring flight quality by giving check rides, and leading Blue Air Training’s cadre of Instructor Pilots as the primary IP.

One of the most satisfying parts of his position is watching Blue Air grow from its beginnings as a bootstrap operation to become a leader in providing CAS support to DoD clients like the Air Force. As Blue Air Training continues to grow, Tool’s job is to ensure that its operations scale successfully while continuing to provide its JTAC customers with the highest quality training. This requires his constant attention to building and improving upon the processes that keep Blue Air running smoothly and safely.

Tool retired from his Air Force career after 21 years of distinguished service, including eleven years as an instructor pilot in the A-10C and AT-38. He resides in Tucson with his family and enjoys traveling internationally with his wife.