Renee Lewis is the Director of Human Resources for Blue Air Training, LLC, and is based in Denver, CO. Renee oversees the Human Resource Department, directing all human resource functions and administration and is responsible for the development and implementation of companywide policies and procedures. Renee enjoys supporting Blue Air’s professionals of all trades who continue to support the warfighter in a greater capacity. Starting with the company as a specialist, Renee developed the Human Resource Department and remains true to her philosophy in aligning the department with the Company’s mission and treating every employee as a priority. Renee has worked for a number of companies in the defense industry beginning January 2008. Throughout her career she has been fortunate to be under the tutelage and mentorship of David McPherson and her parents, Barry and Ilona Preattle, who imparted in her knowledge and guidance that would lead her to be the professional she is today.

In 2015, Renee received a Sensory Processing Disorder diagnosis for her oldest daughter and was having a difficult time finding place for her daughter to continue her education. Unsure of her employment opportunities due the demands of therapy, Renee received an offer to join the Blue Air family whose CEO and Executive Manager embraced and supported the idea of Renee working in a remote capacity to help support her oldest daughter. For several years, the Blue Air family continued extend opportunities for career development while working with her daughter’s extensive therapy schedules, with both Chef and Gretchen asking on almost a daily basis how her children were and what they could do to support them. In 2019, Renee finally received the long-awaited official Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis for her daughter and requested to move Denver, Colorado for better services and support for her children. Without hesitation, Chef and Gretchen immediately approved the relocation and continue to extend support and encouragement for her daughters. Renee credits this servant leadership to her daughter’s incredible progress and achievements through extensive therapy, while being able to pursue professional opportunities and a fulfilling and meaningful career.

Renee has ten years of DoD experience in her field, received her degree in Human Resource Management from Troy University, and is pursuing a law degree in Legal Risk Management and HR Compliance. Renee’s greatest pride is supporting her two daughters and setting an example of hard work, personal and professional growth, independence, and self-care. When she is not working, she and her children are finding new adventures around their new home in Colorado.