PC – 9 A / F 

The PC-9 is designed by Pilatus Switzerland and built under license by Hawker de Havilland in Sydney. It was introduced to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in 1987, with pilot training commencing in 1989. It has established itself as the leader amongst military trainers in its class. The PC-9 offers a broad training spectrum, modern cockpit environment, agility, and engine performance. 

The Pilatus PC-9 aircraft has been providing excellent service to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for the past 30 years, training thousands of aircrew from Army, Navy and Air Force. Blue Air Training acquired six PC-9 aircraft in March 2020.


General characteristics

Crew: 1 Pilot / 1 MSO 

Dimensions: 33 ft long x 33 ft wingspan x 11 ft tall 

Max Gross Weight: 5,940 lbs with external stores 

Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney PT-6A-62 turboprop engines 

Upgraded advanced avionics and glass cockpit to include ADS-B and satellite weather 

Night and Loft delivery capable 


Cruise speed: 300 KTAS 

Maximum Speed (VMO): 320 KIAS / 419 KTAS  

Climb: 4,100 feet per minute 

Range: 830 NM (2 x weapons stores / 2 x fuel tanks at 20,000 feet) 

Endurance: 5.0+ hours 

Service ceiling: FL380 


6 x Hardpoints, capable of carrying: 

Bombs: MALTS-4 Smart Weapons Rack, 4 x BDU-33 or 2 x Laser Guided training Rounds (LGTR) per bomb rack 

Gun: 550 rounds of 7.62mm per Light Gun Pod (LGP) 

Rockets: 7 x 2.75” Rockets per LAU-131 rocket pod 

Extended range external fuel tanks 


Link-16 for Digitally aided Close Air Support (DaCAS)

Multiband UHF/VHF/FM radios provide pilots with seamless communications with the airmen on the ground with additional VHF communications

Cursor On Target communications NAV suite allows the crew to execute DaCAS at night


With our new fleet of PC-9 aircraft, Blue Air Training will lead the way in providing the best and most cost-efficient training experience for our clients’ personnel to perform the difficult but essential mission of calling in Close Air Support on current and future battlefields.