Significant coordination and scheduling were completed by SOTACC and the Blue Air Training team prior to the exercise. This successful mission was scheduled and confirmed for both day and night, live and dry CAS. With 69.1 Mission Hours of CCAS and 303 Controls, Blue Air Training continued to exceed SOTACC requirements for Mission Hours and Controls provided in support of JTAC training.

Blue Air Training maximized VUL coverage with live, sensor equipped two-ship and single-ship Strikemaster and single-ship Brasov fixed-wing aircraft. The training supported Range Week for the SOTACC class with fixed wing CAS & ISR.  

To ensure all DLOs were met, and without over-scheduling any individual day, Blue Air Training’s DETCO and SOTACC Scheduling Element worked together to agree upon a schedule that met contract requirements.

Using several inject lists, Blue Air Training played assets such as A-10C, F-16CM, MC-12, F-15E, MQ-9, and helicopter medivac. One additional night sortie was added to ensure students gained night controls.  Blue Air Training dropped 51 BDUs and strafed 1,558 rounds of 7.62mm.