5th time and STILL the charm! Blue Air was incredibly happy to host the USAF Airworthiness Office last week for another outstanding Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Inspection which sampled all company-wide programs, safety, weapons and maintenance quality at our Las Vegas and Pensacola branches. This inspection also covered our newest fleet offerings, the OV-10 Bronco and PC-9. We are very proud of these amazing aircraft and our phenomenal Team shown in the outbrief results of “No Risks Identified.” Existing training partners and soon the ASOS JTACs under CAF CAS should expect to see these aircraft overhead dropping live ordnance, strafing, and employing the latest tactical technologies which has placed Blue Air at the forefront of the CCAS industry.


USAF Airworthiness Branch Inspections are incredibly detailed and a program’s standards must be amazingly high to be successful. Blue Air was not only the first company to undergo this inspection, it is still today the only company to have been approved by the USAF for the carriage and employment of live weapons. Our ability to import military aircraft, regenerate, upgrade, weaponize and pass inspection FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME.