Blue Air is proud to announce the completion of their third consecutive AFSOC Close Air Support training contract. This last four-year effort culminated into another Exceptional CPARS rating and provided 24,939 AFSOC JTAC Controls with 110,447 live bombs and bullets.

Blue Air is committed to providing exceptional quality through Contracted Close Air Support (CCAS) in support of initial mission and currency training to Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC)’s Joint Terminal Attack Controller’s (JTAC), and the Special Operations Terminal Attack Controller Course. Blue Air is the first and only CCAS vendor dropping live in support of Air Force units resulting in the ability to meet 100% of AFSOC live employment currency requirements. 

Over the life of the contract, Blue Air has decreased ferry hours by a total of 36%, while increasing their support of CONUS-wide training locations by a total of 31%. This maximizes Air Force training dollars on range and results in more controls for the JTAC. 

By expanding their support capability to include rotary wing aircraft, this provided CAS requirements and training qualifications that were not previously available through other training vehicles or resources. To ensure trainees are proficient at operating to the latest and most current references and resources, Blue Air included training for DOD, NATO, Air Force, SOCOM, and AFSOC requirements. Additionally, by offering their own range at no cost to the government, this continues to save the Air Force $100,000 – $150,000 a year.

Blue Air Training’s innovative approach for CCAS demands include the “Box of CAS©” to meet AFSOC’s unique needs. This force packaging methodology enables the JTAC training managers to easily scale and construct training exercises in minimum time with maximum effects. 

As the AMIC AFSOC task order announcement is imminent, Blue Air looks forward to additional opportunities to continue the mission and provide the AFSOC JTAC the highest quality Close Air Support training they have grown accustomed to.