Our workforce is comprised of Veterans from all different branches and walks of life. We understand firsthand some of the major life adjustments when leaving the military. Often times individuals feel a great loss in belonging and difficulty navigating into their next career as part of the civilian workforce, both of which a daunting and isolated experience. Such transitions not only affect the Service Member, but also his/her family and other personal relationships. 


“I learned about the SkillBridge program through Nellis AFB. They put me in the touch with Blue Air Training who assisted and guided me through the entire application process. During my internship, I was given opportunities to exercise my knowledge and expertise gained as a service member while learning industry expectations as an employee. It was rewarding to work with an employer where my skills gained through the military transferred beyond the uniform. My teammates provided me a sense of structure and stability that I thought would be lost after retirement. Over a year later, I have found a home at Blue Air Training where I am able to continue my career and support the men and women I had the privilege of supporting while on active duty. I encourage fellow service members to reach out to Blue Air Training to learn more about this program.”   –Rico Woodard, Director of Maintenance 

To help our brothers and sisters in arms, we have partnered with the United States military to offer military personnel transitioning out of service, and approved for outside employment, the opportunity to gain relevant experience and skillsets needed after separation from the military through the SkillBridge program. This program provides Service Members an opportunity to ease into civilian workforce processes and daily life while searching for career opportunities beyond the uniform. We help with the application process to help move your application through the system faster. 

For more information on our program, please contact the Human Resource Department at