Blue Air Training set the standard for contract CAS yet again last week by supporting three simultaneous live schoolhouse JTAC courses in three separate locations, unattainable by any other company.

Blue Air was on scene in Yuma, AZ for SOTACC, Las Vegas, NV for Nellis 6 CTS JTACQC FTU and Fort Smith, AR for ANG JTACQC providing over 600 night/live/laser controls utilizing 191 hours of IAR, A-90, OV-10 and the first contract operations of our PC-9s.

This week was a milestone event in setting record number of sorties, hours, controls, BDUs, and 7.62 mm strafe carried out by our incredible maintenance and CAS aircrew professionals. As the proven industry leader in CCAS support, last week we yet again made the impossible seem ordinary.