The A-90 Raider is an optimally designed aircraft used for Close Air Support (CAS) training, exclusively by Blue Air Training. The A-90 Raider is extremely effective as a JTAC training platform due its incredibly long endurance, upgraded communications, and the  ability to carry weapons systems for realistic training.



The BAC-167 Strikemaster is a two-seat, single engine jet aircraft. The Strikemaster is an impressive airplane with four hard-points, a service ceiling of 40,000 feet, a maximum airspeed over 450 knots. Attached external fuel tanks provide a two-hour loiter time, while the FLIR 380HD Multi-Spectrum Sensor with SWIR LST sees your laser designation during LGB simulated deliveries.



The AH-6 Little Bird is a 4-blade, 4-seat light-attack helicopter primarily used by Special Operations Forces in the U.S. Army. The AH-6 carries a live, forward-firing 7.62mm mini-gun, and its pilots are current and qualified in Army CCA. It can carry up to two JTACs for airborne orientation during missions, just like in the fixed-wing aircraft, and can provide you with a true Combined Arms JAAT capability.



Blue Air Training conducts live and dry CAS. We employ live BDU-33s, 7.62mm strafe, and live 2.75″ rockets from all aircraft. If a live range is not available, we can simulate weapons delivery with smoke generators.